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  • A Lavender Attic

    A Lavender Attic

    ‘LGBT+ archives,’ says Gerard Koskovich of the GLBT Historical Society of San Francisco, ‘are your queer grandma’s attic’. They are the place where younger generations will find our legacy.

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  • Du Maurier’s Rebecca and Queer Culture

    Why has Rebecca always had a reputation as a queer novel? Generations of gay men have declaimed the first line, spoken by Joan Fontaine in the 1940 film: ‘Last night […]

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  • We want your books

    Lavender Menace’s queer books archive is growing. We are cataloguing several recent donations, including one from LGBT Health and Wellbeing, and making some exciting finds. We’re always looking for out […]

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  • Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs

    The Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs: A Revolution in Palaeontology by Adrian DesmondBlond & Briggs, 1975. QUEER DINOSAUR DISCOVERED! Some people may remember the ITV series based on this illustrated science book, now […]

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  • Mortimer’s Deep

    Mortimer’s Deep by Simon TaylorBalnain Books, 1992. A house of men on an island at the end of the world… Mortimer’s Deep is a dangerous stretch of water in Fife. […]

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