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If you’re interested in the idea of a queer LGBT+ books archive, there are several ways you can get involved and become part of this innovative and exciting project.

Donating queer LGBT+books

We all have a collection of gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans or queer reading – probably one reason you’re reading this. And most of us would hate to part with them. But some of you will being looking for a way find a good home for your collection. Or you just want to down-size.

We’re here to accept your books, however big or small your collection. And give them a good home. So do get in touch.

Leave your queer LGBT+ books to us in your will

Another way to contribute your collection is to leave your collection to us in your will. As a community interest company, we’d be delighted to give you more details about how that can be done. So do get in touch.

Create your own digital archive

There are several apps which help you create a digital record of your book collection. And we have already started our own based on book donations and titles found in charity and second-hand bookshops as well as individuals and organisations.

Contributing your skills

If you love books and especially queer books, and are intrigued by the idea of a queer LGBT+ books archive, do get in touch. You can help out with the physical archive if you like working with books, or get involved with building the archive database, or even both. We’d love to hear from you.

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