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Creating your own queer LGBT+ digital library using Libib

Your book collection is precious to you and it never stops expanding. And the last thing you would want to do is to hand it on to someone else, until you have to. By creating your own queer LGBT+ digital library, not only will you have a record of your collection, you can share it with Lavender Menace Queer Books Archive.

New and out of print titles

The archive are collecting new titles and old, second-hand and out of print. New titles after time become second-hand and out of print, superseded by new titles every week. That’s the joy of buying books. 


Logo: Libib graphic round

Logo: Libib graphic roundThere are several apps which help you create a digital record of your own queer LGBT+ book collection. We have already started ours by recording book donations and titles found in charity and second-hand bookshops as well as individuals and organisations. We are using an app called Libib and we are encouraging you to use this app too.

Libib – why are we using it?

After a lot of searching for a suitable app, one which is free and can be used on iOS and Android devises as well as desktop/laptops we decided on Libib. There is a pro version available but the free one allows you record up to 5,000 titles in multiple libraries.

Add a description

Every book will mean something to you Libib gives you the opportunity to describe why you liked or gave up on a particular title.

Tag, tag, tag

Your queer LGBT+ digital library is compiled using Goodreads and Google Books databases and you can tag a title multiple times. This is particularly useful because the source databases have categorised titles in the conventional way: fiction; non-fiction; crime; romance; history; politics, gender studies, LGBT (if you’re lucky) and so on. What’s missing are categories that mean something to the queer LGBT+ community. You can devise your own categories, and these may be adopted or revised when you hand on your library to us.

Share your library

Your queer LGBT+ digital library will never be complete because you’ll always be buying books to add to your collection. But by sharing your collection with Lavender Menace Queer Books Archive you will expand our database of queer LGBT+ titles. The long term aim is that the archive will eventually become a valuable research tool for scholars and educators in the future.

First steps to using Libib

We have put together a few pages in PDF file as a simple way to start creating your own queer LGBT+ library which you can download for future use.

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Libib also have their own YouTube channel.

Here are a few simple steps to set you on your way.

  • Sign up at
  • Download the Libib app onto your phone or tablet or use the web version on your desktop
  • Create your own queer LGBT+ digital library by giving it a name
  • Add all your queer LGBT+ titles using either your phone to scan their barcodes or enter the details yourself
  • Include a description and tag them

When you want to share your library you can export it and email it to us or use WeTransfer. We’ll write more about sharing your library in a blog soon.

We’re always here to answer your questions and offer help and advice if you need it. So get in touch any time.

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