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Butch Discussion Events (BDE) est. Feb 2024

BDE is a social network/amateur research group based in Lavender Menace Queer Books Archive in Edinburgh, Scotland. We aim to connect with butches in Edinburgh (and across Scotland) to explore our shared histories while fostering local community.

Our priorities lie in forging connections across our differences, as we keep in mind the ways that age, gender, class, race, and disability have historically fractured our sense of community. We also value in-person and local community; we do not seek to become a definitive nor instructive entity towards butch identity, and encourage people who are further afield to forge connections with your local butches!

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A bit about the HBIC (Head Butches in Charge)


Cora (she/her) is a butch lesbian from yorkshire! She knows a little too much about wild food and looks forward to learning about birdwatching.


yves (he/him) is a white, disabled, jewish, t4t, butch4butch, dyke artist and general cool guy.


Mich (any pronouns) is a 24 year old Chinese pink-collar butch and communist from Tokyo who believe in COVID mitigations and abolitionist futures.


Russ is a white butch from Sussex. He yearns for the bog.


Saturn (he/they) is white, transmasculine/butch-questioning and from the US. He is doing a Phd in Gothic literature and works in the charity sector. They can be asked about ghosts.

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